Drake and Josh

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Drake and Josh Game Online - Play Free Air Hockey Flash Games

You might be familiar with the two kids Drake and Josh from Nickelodeon? They are two teenagers with nothing in common, except their partents marry and made them step brothers. Choose from either Drake of Josh to play air hockey. Your object is to be the first that score sevven goals and win the match. Have Fun!

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Do you like sports, and do you also enjoy to play sport flash games online? If you are in the same mood as us today, then you probably would have a lot of fun if you play our free Drake and Josh flash game online.

How to Play Drake and Josh Game Online

Use your mouse to play this free flash game.

Drake is a popular kid, whereas josh is shy and nerdy

Air Hockey is a game that pits two people against each other, and Drake and Josh air hockey is a game with the perfect theme. Drake and Josh are two teenagers who have nothing in common, but they become step brothers when their parents marry, and they become roommates. Drake is a popular kid, who id idolized by everyone in school, and can date any girl he fancies, whereas josh is shy and nerdy and is awkward when in the company of girls. This flash game has some interesting features. Firstly, the first person to score seven goals is declared the winner of the level. Secondly, you can shut out your opponent; this means denying your opponent the opportunity to score any goals, and you get a bigger mallet which makes it easier to protect your goal. Another challenge that has been added to the online flash game is the fact that the puck can split into three making it harder to protect your goal. You must be ready for this, and employ the requisite tactics to ensure that none of the split-away puck enters your goal. Just to make it interesting, the game also pops barriers at any point on the table, at any time during game play. This means that you can take a shot and have it bounced back into your goal by these barriers. You should also keep a sharp lookout for these too. The game is pretty fast so you really have to be quick. The faster you score the higher the points; e.g. if you score within the first minute, you will get higher points that you would if you score in the third minute. When you begin the game, you decide which of the two you shall be playing as; you can either be Drake, or Josh. Spend some quality time playing this game, and pump up your adrenaline levels.

Fun Facts about Air Hockey

Playing Air Hockey games online is always exciting. This game, which was originally played on table tops, is now available online, and you still enjoy the thrill of trying to keep the puck out of your goal. In this particular game, your opponent, the computer, is very accurate when hitting the puck. You have to be very adept at shooting and rushing back to protect your goal. After a few tries you will notice the direct shots are the most potent. Whether you want to be Drake, or to be Josh, you will have a great time trying to beat the computer at its own game. The surprising barriers that pop into the game, only serve to make it more interesting for the players. Playing Air Hockey can become monotonous after a while, but with the surprising barriers and the splitting of the puck; you are destined for a fun-packed time playing free online Air Hockey games. The points system is great since it does not really emphasize on singular goals, but also challenges you to score faster. It brings out the aggressive nature in you as you strive to beat the computer and earn top scores. Fill your afternoon with fun; play Drake and Josh air hockey.

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