Penthouse Pool

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Penthouse Pool Game Online - Play Free Fun Billiard Flash Games

Penthouse Pool has nothing to do with Hugh Hefner's legendary pool parties, but is a fun online pool game in which you can play three different versions: 9-ball, straight pool and carambole! In 9-ball and straight pool, you have to pocket all the balls. Try to pocket all colored balls first, and the black 8-ball at last. In the nine-ball version the cue ball always has to hit the lowest-numbered ball first. This is marked with a white circle around. In the carom billiards game, the cue ball should hit the two other balls in one shot. So you can try different mini pool and billiards game versions in one single online game. Have Fun!

Play Penthouse Pool Flash Game Online Today

Do you like sports, and do you also enjoy to play sport flash games online? If you are in the same mood as us today, then you probably would have a lot of fun if you play our free Penthouse Pool flash game online.

How to Play Penthouse Pool Game Online

Use your mouse to play this fun flash game.

Three Billiard Games played in one flash game

In case Penthouse Pool makes you think about Hugh Hefner's legendary pool parties, you are wrong. Talking about Penthouse Pool, billiard is meant. Actually, to be exact, three billiard flash games, which are all played under the same surface. One of them is Carambolage Billiard. It's played with only three balls and its goal is not to pot the balls but solely to hit the other balls. Out of that reason the billiard table also doesn’t have any holes or pockets. The second game of Pool Billiard is a classic 9-ball billiard. And the third version is played with 15 balls. Penthouse Pool is a very complex and elaborate fun billiard game. You are able to choose the level of difficulty and you will see auxiliary lines while performing the shot, which will predict the direction of the struck ball. That's why pool billiard is especially good for beginners. You are able to adjust the kick-off point and thus the effect of the cue ball with the help of a separate icon. With the mouse you can change the direction of the cue and, as already stated, you are able to see the auxiliary lines displayed. After that you can perform the shot with the mouse button. At the power bar icon you can see how forceful the shot is. Depending on the version additional information about the game is displayed as well. For each ball that has been potted correctly you earn credits. After the fun flash game is done you can transmit your results to a high score in order to share your results on Facebook. Penthouse Pool is an excellent billiard flash game. The balls spin specifically precise at Penthouse Pool and it is extremely fun to play billiard games online.

Carambolage Billiard is a very interesting Pool version

One of the most interesting versions at billiard is the so-called Carambolage Billiard, which can also be played with Penthouse Pool. Here it's not about potting balls. At Carambolage Billiard you have just one shot with one ball, the cue ball, to hit the other two balls. Thus it's not about shooting the second ball at the third ball. The difficulty at Carambolage Billiard is, that after the shot, the balls have to stop in a position that will allow you to create the next Carambolage.

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