Halfpipe Challenge

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Halfpipe Challenge Skateboard Game - Play Half Pipes Games

Halfpipe Challenge is a cool skateboard game sponsored by HotWheels. Here you get to ride your skateboard and pull some tricks in hte halfpipe. First pick a skateboard, the Halfpipe Challeng game has some cool skateboards to choose between. Second, pick the tune you want to listen too, these are some really trendy tunes. Then select your play mode, everything from free skate, timed skate to a challenging match play. You plenty of tricks available in this game. Indy grab, Kickflip Mutegrab, Superman 365, and Double Varial Flip are just a few od them. Have Fun!

Play Halfpipe Challenge Flash Game Online Today

Do you like sports, and do you also enjoy to play a free skateboard game online? If you are in the same mood as us today, then you probably would have a lot of fun if you play our free Halfpipe Challenge game online.

How to Play Halfpipe Challenge Game Online

Use spacebar to accelerate, and the arrow keys to do some awesome tricks. Press and hold the Z key while you're on the ramp, and when you leave the ramp, you'll do a handplant. This is what gives you full jump power. Use your mouse to pick skateboard, tune, and select play mode.

Fun Halfpipe Facts for Skateboarders

According to WikiPedia a half-pipe is a structure used in gravity extreme sports such as snowboarding, skateboarding, skiing, freestyle BMX, and skating. The structure is wood, concrete, metal, earth, or snow. It resembles a cross section of a swimming pool, essentially two concave ramps (or quarter-pipes), topped by copings and decks, facing each other across a flat transition, also known as a tranny. Originally half-pipes were half sections of a large diameter pipe. Since the 1980s, half-pipes contain an extended flat bottom between the quarter-pipes; the original style half-pipes are no longer built. Flat ground provides time to regain balance after landing and more time to prepare for the next trick.

The Origin of Half-Pipes

In the early 1970s, swimming pools were used by skateboarders in a manner similar to surfing ocean waves. In 1975, some teenagers from Encinitas, California, and other northern San Diego County communities began using 7.3-metre-diameter (24 ft) water pipes in the central Arizona desert associated with the Central Arizona Project, a federal public works project to divert water from the Colorado River to the city of Phoenix. Tom Stewart, one of these young California skateboarders, looked for a more convenient location to have a similar skateboarding experience. Stewart consulted with his brother Mike, an architect, on how to build a ramp that resembled the Arizona pipes. With his brother's plans in hand, Tom built a wood frame half-pipe in the front yard of his house in Encinitas. In a few days, the press had gotten word about Tom's creation and contacted him directly. Tom then went on to create Rampage, Inc. and began selling blueprints for his half-pipe design. About five months later, Skateboarder magazine featured both Tom Stewart and Rampage. Little did Tom know that his design would go on to inspire countless others to follow in his foot steps. 22 years later, in fact, Tyler Large of Orange County, CA would go on to form OC Ramps, Inc, a company that specializes in creating skateboard ramp kits for half pipes, quarter pipes, skate rails and boxes. With nothing more than a drill and the provided instructions, any of these kits can be assembled and ready to skate within just a couple of hours time.

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