Target Street Skater

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Target Street Skater Game - Play Free Urban Skateboarding Flash Games

Awesome graphic skateboarding game where you can pull up some tricks on the streets. First select some threads to wear, then customize your skateboard, select your favorite course, and then start skating. Your object is to skate each course to the finish line and earn points, but you also have to make sure not to bail out. You can ollie over the top of obstacles, but don't do it more than necessary as ollies take stamina you need to do tricks. When on a rail you can 50-50 grind, but make sure to get enough speed or you'll fall. Have Fun!

Play Target Street Skater Flash Game Online Today

Do you like sports, and do you also enjoy to play a sport flash game online? If you are in the same mood as us today, then you probably would have a lot of fun if you play our free Target Street Skater flash game online.

How to Play Target Street Skater Game Online

Arrow keys to skate. Space to jump. A,S,D,F,G for tricks.

Street Skater Facts that are Right on Target

According to WikiPedia a street skater focuses on style of skateboarding involving tricks and transitions in public places. Street skaters skate in urban streets, plazas or industrial areas, making use of park benches and picnic tables, guard rails and handrails, planter boxes, bins, stairs, retaining walls and other street furniture not purpose-built for skateboarding. Street Skater Competitions are conducted in purpose-built skateparks designed to replicate real-world urban environments featuring purpose built benches, stairs and rails alongside traditional skatepark elements like vert ramps and funboxes. As skateboarding gained popularity during the 1980s and 1990s, skateboarders no longer limited their activities to drained swimming pools and purpose-built skateparks. Instead, the typicall street skater started to target urban areas and skating through urban areas as skateboards increasingly became an accepted mode of transportation as others followed. Traversal through urban areas evolved to where some skateboarders began focusing on skating in and around those urban areas; honing their skills by skating improvised courses made up of existing urban features. Given street skateboarding makes use of urban environments and public areas, it is the style of skateboarding that most often brings skaters into contact with the public, law enforcement, and other authorities. In some cases, local authorities in popular skateboarding areas have introduced a range of initiatives to ban skateboarding, confiscate skateboards, or make skateboarding difficult or impossible.

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