Ragdoll Tennis

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Ragdoll Tennis Game Online - Play Free Ragdoll Tennis Flash Game

Play tennis with a ragdoll. You can navigate the direction of the racket and the ragdoll will follow. The movements are in slow motion. This will make it extra difficult. Have Fun!

Play Ragdoll Tennis Flash Game Online Today

Do you like sports, and do you also enjoy to play a tennis flash game online? If you are in the same mood as us today, then you probably would have a lot of fun if you play our free Ragdoll Tennis flash game online.

How to Play Ragdoll Tennis Game Online

Use the arrow keys or the WASD keys to play this fun online game.

Ragdoll Tennis is a game that delivers a lot of fun

This is a free online tennis game, which has very little in terms of graphics but still delivers a lot of fun. You get to select a ragdoll character and play against other players and win trophies as well as gain experience. As you go along the game, you will get skill points which you can use to upgrade your player at the end of very level. You use the WASD keys or the arrow buttons to get the player to hit the ball. In order to hit the ball, you have to wait for it to come into your court, which is the moment when the shadow of the ball is on the same level as the shadow of the player. There is a calculator that will show you the trajectory of the ball, in order to help you in timing and placing your shots, but this will disappear once you have win two games. After this, you can only turn it on in the settings menu; using the trajectory calculator in higher levels will reduce your XP, or skill points and you will not win any trophies when you win a tournament. In order to get acquainted to the game, you should play the training mode first before you move to the competitive levels. You can also see your achievements in the menu after each level is completed. In the practice mode, you will be hitting the ball against a wall, and you see the shot streaks in the bottom pane of the game, and the top one will show you the speed of your last strike. If your computer is old, you can tweak the settings of the game to use low graphics and frames per second; this will ensure that the game does not stall or slow down when you are playing.

You need to be physically fit to play tennis

Despite what people say, the game of tennis can be quite challenging. Tennis players have to go through rigorous fitness regimes that one would liken to those undertaken by contact-sports athletes. When you look at some of the top players, you will see their finely chiseled forms which they use to deliver some of the most powerful hits known in the sport; the ball can sometimes travel at hundreds of miles per hour, speeds that would have a plane taking off into the skies. This is a game that has an avid following, although not as much as that enjoyed by other ball games such as football and rugby. This is a specialized game, which needs the paler to be great at aiming the shot, duping the opponent on where the shot will be placed, and also have a lot of fitness in order to run around the court to get to the shots returned by the opponent. The fact that the game can draw out for hours makes it very demanding. Now you can enjoy playing online tennis even if you are not as physically fit as you should be to play in the real world. Simply imagine that you are one of the stars and play like they would.

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