Techno Tennis

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Techno Tennis Game Online - Play Free Fun Tennis Flash Games

This free online game offers a futuristic game of tennis. Choose between 3 difficulty levels: novice, veteran and expert. Dr. Wakeman built Jenny a super hi-tech tennis court... Help her hone her robo-teen reflexes against Brad. Try to do your best. Have Fun!

How to Play Techno Tennis Game Online

Use your mouse to interact when you play this free online game. Move your mouse to run. Click on your mouse button to hit the Turbo Ball.

Techno Tennis Game Hints

Here is a few hints that might be helpful when playing this game:

  • Serve when the serve-meter is at its highest point
  • Hit the side panels for special power-ups
  • Knock down all three of Brad's force-shields to win a game
  • First one to win three games wins the set

Fun Tennis Facts for Kids

There are many fun tennis facts for kids. Tennis is one of the most popular individual sports in the world. The players use racquets to hit the ball into the opponent's court. People play individually against a single opponent (singles) or with two teams of two players on each side (doubles). The game of tennis has been around for more than 140 years. An early version of the sport started out in France in the 16th century. The players would yell 'tenez' before the start of the game, which gave the game its name. Later, the game was refined as Lawn Tennis to resemble the sport that it is now. Tennis is an Olympic sport with more than 75 million players worldwide. The courts were originally hourglass shaped. The rectangular courts came into being in 1875 for the Wimbledon tournament. A standard tennis court measures 27 feet wide and 78 feet long. For double matches, the width of the courts is 36 feet. The net is 3 feet 6 inches high, and it divides the court in half. Initially, tennis players would play on carefully groomed lawns. It was a wealthy man's sport, played on estates or private clubs. Today, major Grand Slam tennis tournaments feature different court surfaces. The U.S. Open and the Australian Open feature courts made of synthetic surfaces. The French Open has clay courts. Wimbledon, the oldest tournament asks players to wear white clothing when on the grass courts. You must wear tennis shoes or sneakers to prevent slipping and injuring yourself. Earlier, women tennis players had to wear full-length dresses. It wasn't until 1932 that women began wearing shorts. Playing tennis matches helps better coordination and spatial awareness in your children. It will also encourage good sportsmanship.

Play Techno Tennis Flash Game Online Today

Do you like sports, and do you also enjoy to play a free flash game online? If you are in the same mood as us today, then you probably would have a lot of fun if you play our free Techno Tennis flash game online.

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