Twisted Tennis

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Twisted Tennis Game Online - Play Free Twisted Tennis Flash Game

Twisted Tennis is a flash game for the younger ones among us who like to have it easier and like it to be more colorful. There, of course, is even a sound that makes this online flash game even more beautiful. Try to win your tennis game or tournament. Choose a field and play! Beat your opponent by scoring more points and winning more games. Have Fun!

Play Twisted Tennis Flash Game Online Today

Do you like sports, and do you also enjoy to play a tennis flash game online for free? If you are in the same mood as us today, then you probably would have a lot of fun if you play our free Twisted Tennis flash game online.

How to Play Twisted Tennis Game Online

Use the arrow keys to play this free flash game. Z key to Punch. X key to Punch. C key to Punch.

Twisted Tennis is easy to play and a lot of fun

To play the Twisted Tennis game you need some keys, which are now briefly explained. You need your arrow keys to move your players in all directions on the playing field. Added to this are the keys z, x as well as c. These keys help you in moving around the player faster, slower or even more fast. On the main page of Twisted Tennis, you can see your high score. Here you can then select among other games. But once you have decided on Twisted Tennis, you have to simply go to start online game and then end up at a very simple and childlike playing field. Before that, however, there is still a field where you can select between the 1 single player or 2 player games, or you go to the tournament and have the opportunity to play a single 1 player match. If you have decided on a game, you then come to a page where you can choose your player. You can choose whether you would rather play with a girl or a boy. When you are ready, you can pick your own playing field, because you have the chance to play at a zoo, at the beach, or rather in the city. Then you click on a playing field and can then decide if you want an easy game, or rather one that might be difficult. If you have made your decision, you arrive at the playing field at once and just need to press the keys, so that the game can begin. Whether you have won the game or not is always displayed in a small window. Quite easy to play and you will have your fun!

Bjorn Borg dominated the tennis world at the end of the 80s

One of the best and most famous tennis player is Bjorn Borg, who dominated the tennis world at the end of the eighties. He won Wimbledon five consecutive times and a total of 64 tournaments. Out of these, eleven were Grand Slam tournaments. Björn Borg is also this well known because he introduced a whole new grip technique to the world of tennis. While the racket was mostly uniformly held before, Borg used a different grip for the forehand than the backhand. He also was as one of the first one to use the two-handed backhand. This had the advantage that the opponent could not predict the trajectory based on how the racket was being held.

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