Speedplay World Soccer

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Speedplay World Soccer Game - Play Speedplay World Soccer Online

Can you guide your team to World Cup victory? Play full soccer action in this fast-paced addicting sports game. Select your favorite country to play for and use your soccer skills to win this exciting tournament. Have Fun!

Play Speedplay World Soccer browser game for free online today

Do you like to watch soccer, and also to play a free soccer game online? If you are in the same mood as us today, you probably would like to play the free online Speedplay World Soccer browser game right now.

How to play Speedplay World Soccer online game

Use your mouse for movement. User your left mouse button change player, tackle, pass or shoot.

Experience Soccer Gaming Excitement for Free

Speedplay world soccer is an online game that resembles the kind that you find when playing FIFA World Cup on a game box. You do not have to go get an expensive box in order to experience the same excitement. This is a free online soccer game for enthusiasts of that kind of gameplay. You get to play against the CPU and your active player is highlighted and all you have to do is move him into position and let him shoot the ball right into the goal; this will not be so simple since there opposing team will form a hindrance. However, with clever controls and passing to your teammates, you will win your matches. You use the mouse to control the player; the position of the mouse determines the target cursor and player placement. When your player does not have the ball, clicking the left mouse button will make him slide tackle the player with the ball or the game will change players. If your player has the ball, then clicking the button will make your player shoot or pass the ball. The online game is based on a World Cup model since you are not playing as clubs but as countries. As soon as you enter the first page, you will be asked to select which country you want to play for. Then you begin playing the game; at first it will need some getting used to. When you get the ball in you team, move the target cursor forward and the player will follow it with the ball. When confronted by the opponents, set the cursor on to another player in the team and then click the button and the ball will be passed to the new player who now becomes the active player. This is a very exciting game and you can beat all the other teams to be the champion.

It is Amazing Accomplishment to become a World Champion

Being a World Champion at anything is an amazing accomplishment. It takes a lot of time, and sweat to get to the top of the world rankings. You can never be a world leader in any sport without having to make certain sacrifices and this is why the whole world will revere you when you finally get to the top. When it comes to soccer, the World Cup is the ultimate final since it pits countries against each other. It does not matter which club a player plays for, but when it comes to the World Cup, he has to go back home and may end up playing against some of his club teammates, who come from other qualifying countries. So you have a team mate marking you, and then he ends up fouling you so badly; how do you take it? Will it flow back to the team when the World Cup is over and you are back in your clubs? These are some of the sacrifice that have to be made to become the best in the world. See if you can select your favorite country and lead it to success in this free online football game for world champions.

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