World Striker 2014

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World Striker 2014 Game - Play World Cup Soccer Games Online

Play this World Cup soccer game in which you can show your skill and try your best to be the best. The objective is to go through the whole soccer world cup and become the champions. Have Fun!

Play World Striker 2014 online for free today

Do you like watch soccer, and also to play free soccer browser games? If you are in the same mood as us today, you probably would like to play the free online World Striker 2014 browser game right now.

How to play World Striker 2014 World Cup online

You use the arrow keys to control you player. You can also use the A key to pass the ball or switch, the S key is used to shoot the ball or tackle an opponent.

Play World Striker 2014 and Improve Physical and Mental Skills

World Striker 2014 is a great free online soccer game in which you get to control a team of players and try to get as many goals from your opponents as possible. Soccer is a great game and very exciting and when you get to manage a whole team, you can feel the adrenaline run through your blood. When you get into the online game, you will have to select the tem that you want to represent. The teams are drawn as they were in the 2014 World Cup. When you get to the next screen, you can opt to follow the official draw, or you can choose at random from your group, the team you want to play against. The view of the game is from the top and you have control of 5 players. Your team will be running from the bottom upwards. Your team will get a go at the ball in the beginning. You have to be very fast since this is a fast-paced game. The team members move very fast unlike in some other games. The objective is to go through the whole world cup and become the champion. You need to be in the first two positions to go to the knockout stages or else the game will shut down. You must also win all your knockout matches or else the games ends and you have to start again. This is an exciting game and you will have a lot of fun being in the World Cup. Playing such online games also increases your reflexes and also ability to think under pressure. When you decide how to play a certain move, you do so fast and this improves your physical and mental performance too.

Soccer will give you the thrill of your life

Soccer is a game where two opposing teams come and work together to beat the opponent. It is a game that needs a lot of dialogue and discipline. Usually the manager is the one who coaches the team and he has some assistants, and a medical team. The respect that the team gives the managers is the one that gives the team their success. It is important that the team work with the bench so as to form a formidable force, in the past people have seen strong teams fall when new managers are appointed and yet the team members are the same. As you mull over this little tidbit, you should try your luck at playing this game for strikers. A striker is very important in the team, and they are usually the darlings of the team. They are the ones who make the goals and that is why they are loved so much. When you hear people talk, they are usually discussing the strikers and not the defenders. This is why playing this game will give you the thrill of your life. You can imagine that you are one of the top strikers heading towards the goal, about to make a spectacular goal.

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