Bowlerama Game

Bowlerama Game

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Bowlerama is a free sports game. Welcome to the league of unlimited strikes. This is a world where marble balls, bowling pins, and the lacquered floor of the bowling arena are the only thing that stands between you and infamy. In this game, you must master physics, timing, gravity, and hand-eye coordination in order to properly bowl your way into the history books. Smash through the pins and drop them in a vicious display of power. Use the vulgar power inherent in physics and bring down the pins that stand in front of you. This game has an excellent physics modeler that allows you to truly experience what it is like to bowl for real in the real world. Bowling is a classic past-time, sport, and ritual which will allow you to work as part of a team to defeat an opponent or play alone. In any event, the game will record your record and your score and allow you to compete for real on our leader board. Where true winners are forged in combat. Have fun playing this bowling game!

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How to Play Bowlerama Game

Tap the screen or use mouse, drag to aim/release to shoot.

Some Fun Bowling Facts for Kids

Bowling originated in the United States at the end of the 19th Century. There, it was invented by German and Dutch immigrants, as their sport of bowling was banned in 1837. The background for this ban were the already illegal sports betting, fraud and tax evasion. To circumvent this prohibition, bowling was quickly modified so that it was no longer prohibited. Nine cones turned into ten bowling pins, which were also positioned in the shape of a triangle instead of the shape of a diamond. For these reasons, bowling has a much higher prevalence in America than it does in Europe.

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