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Step up to the crease and experience the excitement of cricket with SportGames247's cricket games! Whether you're a die-hard fan or new to the sport, these games offer thrilling cricket action that will keep you entertained for hours. Choose your team, master your batting and bowling skills, and compete in exciting matches against the computer or friends. With realistic gameplay and stunning graphics, you'll feel like you're playing on the world stage. So, grab your bat, perfect your technique, and enjoy the thrill of cricket with SportGames247's cricket games!

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Our fun collection of cricket html5 games features jam-packed stadiums, World Cup matches, and realistic umpires. You get to play against a variety of computer opponents, or challenge your friends in a friendly match. We have all types of cricket-influenced variations, including Gully, table top, and Turbo Pro matches. Longtime sports fans and total novices will love our cricket games. Reenact your favorite match-ups, like India vs. Australia or India vs. Pakistan! You can practice in your team's home stadium before entering the international tournament. To improve your defensive skills, try catching the ball from a first-person view! Or, have a seat, and play imaginary cricket with a deck of cards! Step inside our virtual world of fun online cricket games and start swinging your wicket!

Why Kids should Play Cricket

There are many reasons why kids should play cricket, not only is the game fun and they meet new friends. It is also good for their health. According to the United States Youth Cricket Association this sport improves speed, agility, flexibility and reflexes; it increases concentration, the ability to think strategically and to utilize decision-making skills. Cricket also, unlike what most children are exposed to in most American sports, prizes sportsmanship and fair play - self control, integrity and respect for others is central to this fun game. Many children who are reluctant to take part in team sports find themselves well suited for cricket. Because it is always fun, and alos bridges gaps between sexes, sizes, ethnicity and personality. Boys and girls to participate in from an early age. Children from the age of 5 years old can begin to learn cricket by participating in the USYCA program. It is also a non-contact sport and at this age is played with a soft ball to ensure the safety of the children. Cricket is a great way for children to learn to work together in a team environment while developing important physical and mental skills.

Fun Facts About Cricket for Kids

According to there are many fun facts about the sport of Cricket. It is one of the most popular sports in the world and by far the most popular bat-and-ball game played internationally. The modern game developed in England in the 16th century. As the British Empire expanded, cricket became popular in various parts of the globe, especially in India, Pakistan, Australia, South Africa and the West Indies. The longest match in history occurred in 1939 between England and South Africa, it lasted for 14 days and finally ended in a tie. England needed 42 more runs to win, but the team's boat was sailing home the next day and so the match was abandoned and declared a draw. A cricket match can be paused or suspended for a number of reasons. Rain and bad light are the two most common causes, but a match also can be paused because of animals entering the field of play. According to the University of Southern Indiana Cricket Club, play has been held up for hedgehogs, bees, sparrows and mice. In 1889, a match in England was paused when a pig ran across the field.