Cricket Batter Challenge Game

Cricket Batter Challenge Game

Cricket Batter Challenge Game Online - Play Free Fun Cricket Web Games

Batter up! Cricket Batter Challenge is a modern html5 sport game where you put your batting skills to the test. Here you get to challenge different teams and show your batting skills. Choose your favorite country as your team and also your opponent. As the bowler throws the ball, choose when to hit and earn the best score. Have fun!

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How to Play Cricket Batter Challenge Game

Tap or click START to begin. Select your team AND your first opponent. To play the game, use the arrows to hit. When the ball target turns to green, click the corresponding arrow to hit the ball. Be quick! Keep up the momentum and WIN.

Why You should Play a Cricket Game Online

As many people are looking for activities that they can keep their self busy while remaining indoors then playing a cricket web game may be a good way to keep you occupied. There are all sorts of games in the Internet today and there is no reason for you to get bored. All you have to do is find the free online game that you may love to play as there are thousand of online games available for you. For instance if you have only started playing cricket game for the first time you can choose to read all the instructions first so that you can know how to play this sport. The rules are also available in this web game and you may need to know them so that you don’t end up loosing points due to some mistakes that you make. After that you can choose to start with the easy mode where you will not experience great challenges from your opponents and you are able to learn and gain experience of playing this game.

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