Classic Boxing Game

Classic Boxing Game

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Classic Boxing is a tribute to Activision's Boxing from 1980. The game shows a top-down view of two boxers, one white and one black. When close enough, a boxer can hit his opponent with a punch. This causes his opponent to reel back slightly. Long punches score one point, while closer punches (power punches, from the manual) score two. There are no knockdowns or rounds. A match is completed either when one player lands 100 punches (a "knockout") or two minutes have elapsed (a "decision"). In the case of a decision, the player with the most landed punches is the winner. Ties are possible. So, get your iron fists ready and head for the rink. Have fun!

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How to Play Classic Boxing Game

Use the arrow keys or WASD to move. Use shift or space to throw punches.

Activision's Boxing

Boxing is a video game interpretation of the sport of boxing developed by programmer Bob Whitehead for Atari. It's one of the first video games developed by Activision. The game is based on Boxer, an unreleased 1978 arcade game from Whitehead's previous employer, Atari, Inc. Boxing is an action boxing game for one or two players which is played from an overhead point of view. The game lasts for two minutes, and the player who can earn the most points in that time wins. You earn one point for a long jab, two points for a close power punch, and if you can manage knockout it's worth one hundred points. Two difficulty levels are included which can be set individually for each player. When the video game came out it was praised for keeping things from "becoming needlessly complex" by making automatic punch-type selection for the player.

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