Ragdoll Duel Game

Ragdoll Duel Game

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Welcome to closed fight club. The inquisitive person battles in a duel, one against one. Boxing is a fun and full of effects the action game, Ragdoll Duel. Stickman boxer characters in different shapes fight in this game. Send quick punches to your opponent with your stickman fighter and don't waste your Super Punch when it's ready. Get 2 rounds and be victorious. You can play against AI opponent or vs your friend. Have fun hitting your opponents, this is a nice way to release some aggression. Have fun!

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How to Play Ragdoll Duel Game

Player 1 Move: AD, Crouch: S, Punch: F and Super Punch: G key. Player 2 Move: Left-Right Arrows, Crouch: Down Arrow, Punch: L and Super Punch: K key.

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