Bloon Pop Game

Bloon Pop Game

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This is a shooting game, get ready to aim, work your way to victory in this cute shooter where physics plays the same role in your victory as your aim. Have fun!

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How to Play Bloon Pop Game

Use the target and select the appropriate intensity level for launching the darts. You don't want to miss the balls altogether, but you also don't want to skip them, this is serious. Fight your way to victory by launching dart after dart across a phalanx of rubber, multi-colored, helium-filled balloons.

Facts About Bloons

Accoding to Wikia Bloons games are single-player flash browser games. They are about a monkey that pops balloons. Many bloons have special powers. The original Bloons game have been played over one billion times. Bloons Tower Defense Games are online games of the tower defense genre, where towers are operated by monkeys, and they fight against bloons hordes. Every new Bloons Tower Defense sequel introduces a number of new tower types along with their upgrades, new and bigger bloons enemies and also new tracks.

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