Foot Brain Game

Foot Brain Game

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What would American Football look like in the world of Zombies? Play Foot Brain game and find it out! How many touch down will you get with your brain dodging zombies? You run dodging zombies use energy drinks to kill them and get all the medals making touchdowns. Beautiful graphics BSO original. Fast and fun Zombies, zombies and more zombies. For all ages. Enjoy very easy control just turn. Foot Brain is a pleasant time-killer and downright fun. Have fun!

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How to Play Foot Brain Game

You control a tiny character. He runs forward automatically. Reach touchdown zones and don't bump into creatures. It will take your lives – brains – away. If they gobble up all 3 of them, you are out. Besides, don't cross the field's borders, or the round is over. To maneuver through creatures, use arrows. The screen reflects your timing and scores. Also, pay attention to the number of lives you have. They are in the lower part. Note that complexity stages increase automatically right in the playing process. There are 3 types of bonuses on your way. Namely, drinks with extra power, cups with additional points, and brains. The latter means additional hit points. The higher the difficulty level is, the more monsters there are. Besides, they get faster and cleverer.

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