Touch Down Game

Touch Down Game

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Touch Down this is a very interesting sports game. Train to improve your stats for the big game and to raise your salary. Unlock amazing bonuses and power-ups. Play the bowl game each day to get your daily earnings. You will be running fast, collecting points and avoid bumping into NPCs and obstacles. Have fun!

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How to Play Touch Down Game

Use your mouse or touch the screen to play. Don’t run into obstacles, such as cubes, barriers, or your opponents. If you fail to follow this rule, you lose hit points. Use all three, and you will have to start over. Pay attention to your surroundings. Some items can be useful. For example, a bunch of balloons or a shield. Be fast enough to fetch them to complete the most difficult parts of the track. Often, you can see a whole army of NPCs. They stand in your way or even attack you. Each round offers tools to prevent crashing into them. Use items or let your ally break their lines. Just touch the member of your team to initiate him. The level gets harder after each completed mission. Go through a set of them and get a reward. You are offered several chests, and you don’t see what is inside. Choose three and receive additional income based on luck.

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