Stick Golf Game

Stick Golf Game

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Aim, adjust the club power and go! Playing golf has never been this easy. From easy to challenging terrains, use your acute golf senses to land a hole in one. Avoid bunkers and water hazards. This free online game features an interactive tutorial to help your audience together with a relaxed theme and background. Playing golf has never been this relaxing. You get to earn coins from successful holes, and you can use the coins at the shop to purchase fun skins such as top hat, pirate hat, bunny hats and more. Have fun!

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How to Play Stick Golf Game

Aim, adjust the club power and go. Start your game with some basic training and then move to the complex levels to try. You have to press and hold left button to turn arrow counterclockwise. Once you are done, make sure to press and hold the right button to turn arrow clockwise. Try to drag the screen left or right to see your target hole! You also have the option to drag the cursor up and down. Press go to hit the button. No worry if your effort fails since you can repeat it until the ball reaches to the hole. Make sure to hit the ball with the maximum power in order to get it into the hole with the least possible time. Complete your goal with the least possible strokes to secure the 3 stars in the end of each level in this one of the highly challenging and addictive game! The eye-popping background and relaxed theme will be enough to take you to a unique world of fun and thrill. Getting your ball into the holes successfully will help you to earn coins every time! You can use that coins to shop for bunny hats, pirate hat, fun skins and more.

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