BMX Freestyle Game

BMX Freestyle Game

BMX Freestyle Game Online - Play Free Fun Street Sports Games

BMX Freestyle is a sports game that takes biking to the extreme. Perform cool stunts and awesome tricks to rack up your score. Collect bonuses to increase your score even more as you try to get the best results before the timer runs out. You can even customize your biker to your liking to show the world your style while you get some epic air. Have fun!

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How to Play BMX Freestyle Game

Up arrow = move forward, Down arrow = move backward, Left/right arrow key = lean down/up, QWE = hard tricks, ASD = easy tricks, Z = rear brake and X = front brake.

Why BMX is better than skateboarding

First of all there are a lot more places you can ride your BMX, and the tricks you can perform on your BMX is usually bigger. You can also get places a lot faster on a bike than a skateboard. The initial cost of BMX bike is a lot higher than for a skateboard but you don't have to replace them as often, so its probably about equal there. But overall some people both skate and bike, and others don't really have preference about which one is the best.

What are backflips

A backward somersault done in the air with the arms and legs stretched out straight. This one of the many air tricks you can do on a BMX bike. When performing backflips both rider and bike do a backward flip while in the air, usually from one ramp to another.

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