Rocket Racket Game

Rocket Racket Game

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Rocket Racket is a great game for those who love to play tennis. Here you get to play tennis ball with your favorite cartoon characters. Choose your team then get ready to use the space-bar key on your keyboard. The team will sit on a skateboard, and each member will hold a tennis racket in his hands. When you press the space-bar, the rocket will move from up to down, hitting tennis balls that are coming in your way. The more balls you hit, the higher your score will be. You need to do a target to pass the level. Have fun!

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How to Play Rocket Racket Game

Use your mouse or touch the screen to hit the ball.

Tennis is a Fantastic Way of Exercising

Tennis is a great game and it is a fantastic way of exercising; the amount of running that you do on the court equals a great workout. There has been a lot of controversy about how to play the game of tennis like a professional. Some people say that you have to keep you eye on the ball at all times, but others say that you only need to focus on the point of contact. Research was done to look at the photos of the top players in the world and the conclusion can only be that it is the point of contact that one should focus on and not always keep the ball in his or her vision. When you play this free online tennis game, you will see that you cannot keep your eye on the ball. Invariably, you will need to just focus on when to strike and using how much power. Tennis is a game of strategy but in this case all you have to do is strike. You do not have to worry about the direction the ball will be taking. Here is a great way to pass you time when alone, or even when a friend is with you in the house.

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