Golf Masters Game

Golf Masters Game

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Do you want to become the Golf Master? This addictive retro looking golf game is inspired by the early golf games of the 80s. No people, only the stick and the golf ball. Your task is to make the golf ball move by clicking anywhere on the screen. Drag and release it mid-air for more leverage in throwing the ball into the target goal. Take your change to be on of the Golf Masters!

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How to Play Golf Masters Game

Use your mouse, drag to aim and release to shoot.

Golf is one of the most enjoyed sport simulation games

Of all the different sub-genres of sport simulation games, surprisingly it's the golfing titles that have evolved the most and become one of the most enjoyed and sought after style of video game available today. In fact you'll find a wide variety of micro-genres offered under the golfing game heading including realistic professional golfing, pro tournament golfing, obstacle styled crazy golf, mini putt golfing, character golf such as Mario or Rayman golf and even a long list of unclassifiable forms of golfing games such as urban city golf or outlaw golf. To give you a clearer picture of just how much this unique genre of game has changed in its short history, here are some of the most popular titles put out on various home consoles. Golf (1978) - This is believed to be the first ever golf simulation game and simply titled golf, it was released on the Atari. It included a 9-hole 36 par course made up of highly pixilated graphics, single screens, a bird's eye view and simple controls that allowed players to choose the direction and power of the shot. In the years following this game inspired releases on various other consoles, all offering similar game-play and the exact same title. Mini Putt (1986) - Designed for those who weren't big golfing fans but loved putting, Mini Putt was designed by Accolade for the NES/Super NES; it offered lots of fun and addictive levels, a simple yet colorful 2-D bird's eye view and straight-forward controls. Mini Putt also allowed up to 4 players at one time and a selection of 4 different difficulty levels.

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