Rackem 8 Ball Pool Game

Rackem 8 Ball Pool Game

Rackem 8 Ball Pool Game Online - Play Free Fun Pool Web Games

Rackem is a fun 2-player online 8 ball pool game. You are competing in a 1-on-1 match against either an opponent over the Internet or against your friend (in local multi-player mode). The rules of the 8 ball pool game apply here. Make use of the aiming indicator to help you shoot in the right direction. Pocket all the assigned balls and finally the black number 8. Have fun!

14,100 play times

How to Play Rackem 8 Ball Pool Game

Desktop: Move your mouse to aim and drag left mouse button backward to set power, release to shoot. Mobile controls: Touch around the white ball to aim and use the stick on the left screen; drag backward to set power and release to shoot.

Famous Women in the real World of Pool and their Nicknames

There many famous people in world of pool and billiards. Here are some interesting facts and information about some of the women. The Striking Viking is Ewa Mataya Laurance, she is from Sweden, and at the age of 17 she won the European Championship and has gone on to win every major title in the sport since then. The Black Widow is Jeaneete Lee she has been a leading professional in women's billiards for half a decade. In 1994 less than 2 years on tour, she became the No. 1 ranked professional in the world. She continues to dominate the pro billiard scene, winning 5 titles in 1999. The Queen of the Hill is Loree Jon Jones, also know as Gordon's Girl. She has been the leading all time money winner in women's 9-ball history, and she has been the women's editor of Pool and Billiard Magazine since 1988. She won her first title at the age of 15, which is recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records. The Texas Tornado is Vivian Villarreal. She has earned 11 Classic Tour titles, her quick one-two style of play and whirlwind shot making skills gave Vivian her stormy nickname and make her one of the most exciting players on the classic billiards tour.

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