Speed Pool King Game

Speed Pool King Game

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Pretty Cool Pool Game for you. The Object of Speed Pool Challenge game is to pocket as many balls as possible before the time runs out, and in the end you will submit your score. You are not playing against any opponent, only against the clock. It is good practice for improving your online pool skills. Now, show me how fast are you. Have Fun!

11,405 play times

How to Play Speed Pool King Game

Use your mouse or touch the screen on touch-friendly devices.

Famous Men in the real World of Pool and their Nicknames

There many famous people in world of pool and billiards. Here are some interesting facts and information about some of the men. The Pearl is Earl Strickland, he is holding over 100 titles. Twice he captained the victorious American team in the Mosconi Cup. The Prince of Pool is Corey Deuel, he really came into his own in 2001 when he pulled an 11-0 win over then World Champion Mika Immonen in the US Open final. The Magician is Efren Reyes, he also goes Bata which means 'child' in Filipino. He is known for his wizardry on the pool table. The Magician started honing his skills at a young age, visiting pool halls as a boy.

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