Table Tennis Pro Game

Table Tennis Pro Game

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Ping-Pong is like real tennis, so there are two players who hit a ball over the net with a racket, but it is not played on a court, but on a table and the ball and the rackets are also much smaller and easier to handle. Table Tennis Pro is an addictive ping pong game with superb graphics effects and awesome sound effects. The best part is that you can play it as in real life against your friends or the AI Smash swing or spin the ball to climb your way up in career mode if you take the ping pong challenge. Have fun!

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How to Play Table Tennis Pro Game

Use your mouse or touch the screen to play this fun table tennis game. You have to try to always accurately hit the ball. With the mouse, you move your racket back and forth and can thereby play the ball over the net on the virtual table. In this free web game your opponent is the computer and it will surely not make it easy for you, but after a few games you will quickly get the hang of things and improve more and more.

The Origin of Table Tennis

The exact origins of table tennis are unclear. The game was first mentioned in writing in 1874 in England. And it does not seem illogical that table tennis originated there. At a time, in which the rich and noble played tennis, and in which the game was unceremoniously moved into the house in rainy England. Thus the concept of "space tennis" was born, from which the phrase "ping pong" was soon coined. A game that took place at the dinner table and was supposedly played with books and skillets initially. The name "Ping Pong" for table tennis was registered as a trademark in 1901 and since then may no longer be used either commercially or freely in competitions.

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