Death Alley Game

Death Alley Game

Death Alley Game Online - Play Free Fun Bowling Html5 Games

Little Jimmy's risking it all in an infernal bowling tournament against DEATH himself. Beat's DEATH's score, and he'll get his life back, fail and he'll be damned to wander those cursed lanes FOREVER. It's over the top, arcade bowling!

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How to Play Death Alley Game

Use the arrow keys to move, and spacebar to start/bowl.

Fun Games to play at the Bowling Alley

Whether participating in a bowling party or simply a night of fun at the bowling alley, try adding more fun into the mix by playing bowling alley games. Play games that feature silly walks or dances, trivia games or any game for which you can award prizes. Do a silly walk either before you throw the ball or after. While walking you can for instance alternate between skipping and galloping, hopping on one leg and performing assorted dance moves. If you don't think it is loud or noisy enough at the bowling alley, try to sing out loud a song while the ball is on it's way to hit the pins. Another fun game would be to do a task while bowling, such as bowl backwards, bowl in slow motion, bowl with eyes closed, bowl with their non-dominant hand or bowl while sitting. Other fun things to do at the bowling alley included trivia and card games while waiting for your turn.

Play games instead of regular bowling

Kids love it when you make bowling even more fun and exciting by adding your own rules. You can for instead come up with a different way to bowl each frame (right hand, left hand, both hands, backwards, one foot, sitting down, etc). There are many different ways you can bowl, and kids will love this, as it let's everyone ease up and be a little bit silly. Our favorite was bowling between the other team member's legs.

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