Boxing Fighter Shadow Battle Game

Boxing Fighter Shadow Battle Game

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The century old legend from the imperial court is taking place. It's now time of the rise of the Yokai spirits and they want to dominate the world. This mysterious phenomena these beasts these shadows these ghosts are willing to eat human souls. Hords of Yokaia class of supernatural monsters with shadow spirit are now coming after you. You are human kinds last hope (we might be doomed). Complete the challenge successfully to wear the crown of being the bravest warrior of the city. Have fun!

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How to Play Boxing Fighter Shadow Battle Game

You can use the arrow keys to play this game. To start the game, click on the play button located on the main menu. Next, decide on the game mode you'd like to play. There are 2 modes that you can try. The classic mode has 40 different levels for you to complete. You try to complete all these levels by beating every opponent in them. The survival mode offers an endless level, in which you try to survive as long as you can. When you start, your enemies will approach from both sides of the screen. Press the right arrow key to strike the opponents on your right, and the left arrow key for the ones on your left. You can see the number of enemies in a level at the top of the screen. Your health bar is located at the bottom. You earn coins as you play, and can spend these to unlock new weapons.

Why You Shouldn't be Outside Boxing in the Snow

We can use our common sense and think of many reasons why you shouldn't be boxing outside in the snow. First of all, it is too cold, boxing is a summer sport, not a winter activity. Eventhough many health exeperts say it is never too cold to exercise, they probably don't expect someone to run around in the snow wearing their shorts and boxing cloves. It is too dangrous, you can really knock someone out cold. We rather recommend you sit inside and play our boxing games online, than go outside throw some punches and possibly catching a cold.

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