Clash of Golf Friends Game

Clash of Golf Friends Game

Clash of Golf Friends Game Online - Play Free Fun Golf Web Games

Clash of Golf Friends is a unique 2 or 4 player real-time multi-player game. This free online game features some very beautiful golf courses. Here you get to race to complete all 10 holes against your friends. The free online game have smooth graphic and is easy to learn, and as soon as you start getting the hang of it, the free online game will become very addictive. Can you rank number 1? Have fun!

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How to Play Clash of Golf Friends Game

Tap, drag and release to shoot. Choose between Multi-player or Private mode. Play against friends you know.

Golf is Everybody's Sports

The sport of golf is a popular ball game with an ancient tradition that dates back several centuries. The goal is to hit a small ball into a hole with as few strokes as possible, which is also called putting, wherein different golf clubs are used on different attempts or when putting. A round of golf usually consists of 9 to 18 holes that are played one after the other on the golf course. Usually, the sport of golf that was coined in Scotland - Great Britain is considered to be predominantly elitist as well as a rather expensive pastime. In Anglo-Saxon countries, however, golf is a popular and inexpensive recreational sport that is played by all levels of society. This is not a sport that is reserved for the elite. You can also play Golf online, for example, here at We want you to have fun playing golf and good luck with the putting as well as with the online golf games.

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