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Just Golf Game

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This one of the most popular golf games you can play for free on or website. Just Golf combines minimalism with puzzle in 210 levels with gradual difficulty. You must drop the ball into the hole with the red flag. The plays are unlimited and you'll have guided aim to facilitate your shots. You can also use your skill to try to collect the 3 stars in each level. Have fun!

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How to Play Just Golf Game

Tap and hold the screen to aim, release when ready to throw the ball.

Even a blind squirrel can shoot a golf ball

The general consensus is that even a blind squirrel can shoot a golf ball with the appropriate club as well as the correct force into the magnificent expanses of a picturesque landscape. But a hefty shot and expensive equipment does not ensure that one will be successful in the sport of golf soon thereafter. A strong feel for the ball as well as the ability to put oneself in certain situations mentally are of fundamental importance for this sport. Golf Jam gives you a first impression of this essential skill in a virtual form. Or have you ever shot down a bird with a golf ball? First, you can choose one of five available individual characters in Golf Jam. Once you have decided on one of the pretty cool characters, you will reach a task window. Here, twelve tasks are available for you. One task is harder than the previous one. In order to achieve the relevant target in this free online game, the task has to be completed. This may consist in the meeting of a target or a labeled lawn. The controller demands a lot from you: First off, the shot direction must be determined through the corresponding mouse movement. Then follows a first click that gets the settings of the shooting power moving. With a second click, the force is then fixed. You have to make absolutely sure that the wind conditions as well as the distance to the target object have been taken into consideration in your calculations. Per round, you only have nine attempts. How many attempts remain each, you can see at the top of the screen. For each completed task, points are distributed in a specified amount. In front of a tranquil green space, you find yourself on a training ground for professional golfers in our online Just Golf game.

The ball feeling is very important in Golf

There is hardly any sport where the ball feeling is of such great importance as is the case in golf. To have a sense for a round object, regardless of what size, is a skill that one has developed intuitively more or less well on the one hand and on the other hand can learn through the use of different exercises. To improve the sense for the ball, for example, one can juggle with tennis balls or balance a ball on the foot. The feeling for the ball is important, because the person with such an ability can calculate the flight path and the behavior of a round object.

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