Pool 8 Ball Game

Pool 8 Ball Game

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Pool 8 Ball is a modern pool that can be played alone on a timer as well as together on the same device. Rules like in a real 8-ball pool. Try to pocket all colored balls first, and the black 8-ball at last. Good luck to you!

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How to Play Pool 8 Ball Game

You can use a Mouse on your PC. Touch Control works on all browsers and all mobile devices.

Carambolage Billiard is a very interesting Pool version

One of the most interesting versions at billiard is the so-called Carambolage Billiard, which can also be played with Penthouse Pool. Here it's not about potting balls. At Carambolage Billiard you have just one shot with one ball, the cue ball, to hit the other two balls. Thus it's not about shooting the second ball at the third ball. The difficulty at Carambolage Billiard is, that after the shot, the balls have to stop in a position that will allow you to create the next Carambolage.

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