Christmas Pong Game

Christmas Pong Game

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Christmas Pong is an amazing iteration to the timeless classic Pong. Enjoy this Pong game in single- or two player mode. Move the paddle up or down and score points that are tracked at the top of the screen. Drip, drop, ping, pong, we believe you can do this all day long. Have fun!

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How to Play Christmas Pong Game

One Player mode: Use the arrow to move the paddle and space to start. Two Players mode: Use space to start. Player 1 use W and S key to move paddle. Player to use arrows to move paddle.

Ping Pong Actually Requires Athletic Ability

Many people can attest to the fact that Ping Pong is sometimes taken as a wimpy sport which is played in the parlor just to pass some time, but it is a fun game that requires athletic ability. Ping Pong is a sport that is worthy of respect and a great followership and the patrons and players need to come together and show people what professional ping pong is all about. Exhibition matches will definitely give the public something to respect. Till then, you will only have the online version to entertain yourself when you are bored in the house. Table tennis is equally as tough and you will need great hand and eye coordination in order to beat your opponent.

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