Mini bowling 3D Game

Mini bowling 3D Game

Mini bowling 3D Game Online - Play Free Fun Bowling Html5 Games

Do you want to try something new in the world of bowling? Welcome to Mini Bowling 3D game online, one of our best free online bowling games. It has preserved only one feature of the classic play. Namely, the presence of bowls and a ball to hit them. Try this puzzle and improve your logical thinking. Have Fun!

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How to Play Mini bowling 3D Game

Use mouse to play the game. Just aim target and strike to fall them all Pins.

Rules of Mini bowling 3D

In the middle of the screen, there is a field. Each new level offers you different shapes and sizes of the playing ground. Your ball is in the lower part, while the bowls are in the upper one. Your aim is to hit all objects and make them fall. Due to the diversity of field shapes, it can become very difficult. However, you get help in the form of the motion trajectory. You know where you will move, so you plan your actions. To launch the ball, use your mouse or touchpad. Aim and then let go.

Play Mini Bowling 3D Game and Enjoy Other Features

To make the puzzle more interesting, its developers added some additional objects to the field. First of all, the walls. There are two types of them. The black ones stop your ball and don't let you aim. Besides, they can move and be an additional challenge. You can push the white ones. They are useful, as you can hit more bowls with them. Secondly, there are bombs in this browser toy. They are located near the bowls. Disturb them, and boom! They have a wide range of damage and also help you to succeed. Who knows what other features Mini Bowling 3D game free hides. It seems that the number of levels is limitless. To enjoy the puzzle, don't download or install anything. Just open your Internet browser and start having fun. Find more titles to play.

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