Rope Bawling Game

Rope Bawling Game

Rope Bawling Game Online - Play Free Fun Bowling Html5 Games

A fun bowling which is easy to play. This is an addicting online sports game in which you need to cut the rope to help the bowling balls destroy the skittles, on your way there will be boxes on the laces and a variety of moving platforms. A smooth game-play and just right challenge is what will make you come back to our website to play this free online game again. Have fun!

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How to Play Rope Bawling Game

Use mouse or touch the screen.

Some Fun Bowling Facts for Children

Bowling is a super fun sport with some cool facts that kids will love. Did you know that bowling dates back thousands of years, with both Egyptians and Romans playing early versions of the game? The standard bowling game usually has ten pins, but there's also a pint-sized version called "Duckpin" with smaller pins. And how about the heaviest bowling ball ever made, which weighed a whopping 1,365 pounds? What's even more exciting is that in bowling, you can aim for the gutter; the real challenge is to avoid it! Knocking down all the pins with one throw is called a "strike," and doing it in two throws is a "spare." And if you're up for an extra dose of fun, you can try glow-in-the-dark bowling alleys that light up the night. So, the next time you hit the lanes, remember these awesome facts and have a blast sending those pins flying!

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