Darts Hit Game

Darts Hit Game

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Imagine you are out and about with your friends in the evening and they suddenly want to play darts. This is a popular game to kill some time and therein darts have to be thrown at a target. Darts Hit is an addictive arcade game. Hit the darts into a wooden trunk and slice the apples. Time your throw as it will not hit any darts already sticking in. Hit the fruits for bonus points. Have fun!

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How to Play Darts Hit Game

Use the mouse or swipe the screen to aim and throw.

The Science Behind the Dartboard

The dartboard, called the board, is divided into 20 segments as well as 6 rings. The division was established in 1896 by the English carpenter Brian Gamlin, who ordered the segments alternating high and low scores and inaccuracies when throwing are therefore punished. The outside of the narrow rings is the double ring. Here, each hit yields double points for each of the segments. The inside of the narrow rings is the triple ring. Here, there are three times the points. At the center of the disc is the bull’s eye, which is worth 50 points. Surrounded by a narrow ring, the bull, with a value of 25 points.

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