Knife Dart Game

Knife Dart Game

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Practice makes perfect. Take aim at the tree bark, and throw knives one by one. Be careful to only throw knives at empty spots. How many points can you score? This free online game features endless game-play in a fun arcade-like theme with increasingly challenging levels. Literally, practice for hours. Use coins to unlock cool knives in the store. Fans of dart and sports games will love this free online game. It's said to be a perfect game for competitive game-play with leaderboards. Have fun!

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How to Play Knife Dart Game

Throw knives one by one using your mouse or touch the screen. Maybe it sounds that you can easily achieve your task. But, there are lots of complexities and problems you have to face during the game-play. All you need to do is just get your fingers ready to throw knives at the empty spots. Make sure that each knife finds an empty space since you will lose your game immediately if it hits the previous knife. Try to use all the available knives to complete each level. Take your time and practice more to make your aim perfect! There are no chances of getting you bored since you would have multiple levels to play through, endless game-play, easy controls, and cool graphics. Complete levels to earn coins and do not forget to buy new cool knives from the store to make your game more interesting.

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