Pong Biz Game

Pong Biz Game

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A casual game of table tennis, fun and challenging. The exciting part about this game is that you get to play a team match on both sides of the net. On each side there are two rackets, one red and one blue. The color will be changing color each time it get hit and you need to hit with the racket that has the same color as the ball. If you fail to do so, then it is game over. Try your best to changes rackets and get as high score as possible, and try again and see if you can get an even higher score. Have fun!

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How to Play Pong Biz Game

Touch the screen or use your mouse to play.

The Table Tennis Racket in Details

The main components of a table tennis racket are the shape of the handle, the timber of the sheet as well as the coating. Defensive players prefer a straight handle, with which the racket can be more easily rotated in the hand. For offensive players, rackets with a shaped handle are advantageous, because they are more easily fixated in one position and can therefore be handled without much fatigue. The wood of the racket consists of several layers that have been glued together. The harder the wood, the higher the speed of play. Modern, high quality rackets are usually made of a smart combination of hard and soft woods. The coating of the racket has the greatest impact on the speed and rotation of the ball. The main difference is made by the patterned rubber that is adhered to the sponge base. The so-called "backside rackets", whose studs point to the inside, are the most versatile, wherefore the surface of the racket feels smooth.

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