Tennis Open 2021 Game

Tennis Open 2021 Game

Tennis Open 2021 Game Online - Play Free Fun Tennis Web Games

The most famous tournaments are here: Australia, France, Great Britain and America. Can you win them all and earn a grand slam trophy? Start playing, enjoy the tennis atmosphere and the amazing feeling of winning. Beat your opponent by scoring more points and winning more games. Have fun!

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How to Play Tennis Open 2021 Game

4 most famous tournaments using intuitive controls. Improve your player shop with various rackets. Train your game in training mode. Defeat your opponent, win the match and improve your player for the obtained rewards. Win all championships to earn grand slam trophy. All the rules of tennis also apply in this game.

Bjorn Borg dominated the tennis world at the end of the 80s

One of the best and most famous tennis player is Bjorn Borg, who dominated the tennis world at the end of the eighties. He won Wimbledon five consecutive times and a total of 64 tournaments. Out of these, eleven were Grand Slam tournaments. Björn Borg is also this well known because he introduced a whole new grip technique to the world of tennis. While the racket was mostly uniformly held before, Borg used a different grip for the forehand than the backhand. He also was as one of the first one to use the two-handed backhand. This had the advantage that the opponent could not predict the trajectory based on how the racket was being held.

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