Pong Ball Masters Game

Pong Ball Masters Game

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The game of ping-pong, or table tennis, certainly means something to you. In many gambling halls and gymnasiums, there are table tennis tables and even during vacations, Ping Pong is a popular pastime. Unlike real tennis, this game is not played on a course nor with a lot of distance between each player, but on a plate or table. In the middle, a net is stretched, which is about 15 cm high. The ball is small and very light, and is then played back and forth over the net with the racket, which is also much lighter than the normal tennis racket. Play Pong Ball Masters game to entertain and train your ingenuity. You can play the fun online game alone or with your friends, because Pong Ball Masters have 2 game modes: single play and multi play. Try to play in a way that makes it impossible for your opponent to catch your ball. For then you get points. Have fun!

11,180 play times

How to Play Pong Ball Masters Game

Arrow keys for first person play, and AD keys for Second person play.

It is all about the Mistakes in Table Tennis

For every mistake a player makes in table tennis, the opponent receives one point. If the ball touches the net during the first play, this does not count as an error, but the first play has to be repeated. If the ball touches the net during the back and forth of the game, or the ball is hit into the opponent´s half of the table from the top to the edge, it is considered to be an unwritten rule in table tennis to apologize to the opponent. Whenever it is a 10:10 set, set extensions - in contrast to the 11-point rule – take place. Now the winner is the first player that has a lead of 2 points.

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