NexGen Tennis Game

NexGen Tennis Game

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NexGen Tennis is the best browser based tennis game that will truly give you the feel of playing tennis in a real gaming console. Customize your player, choose their outfit and rockets. Play in 2 different modes World Tour and Exhibition. In World Tour, you'll be able to choose different places from around the world with different category and court surfaces. While in Exhibition you'll play in 4 different courts which are the clay, grass, hard and carpet. Defeat all your opponents and be the first one to have your name in the leaderboard. Have fun!

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How to Play NexGen Tennis Game

Use your mouse to drag and drop. Use WASD or the arrow keys to move. Spacebar is used to serve and shoot.

Fun Tennis Facts for Kids

There are many fun tennis facts for kids. Tennis is not only an exciting sport, but it's also filled with fun facts that kids will enjoy learning about. Did you know that the shortest tennis match ever played took just 21 minutes? Or that the tennis ball was originally made of wood, not the bouncy rubber we use today? Tennis is a sport with a rich history, and it was even played on the deck of a ship once! When serving in tennis, you have to hit the ball with your racket over the net and into a specific area called the service box. And if you're ever in Wimbledon, England, you might spot players snacking on strawberries and cream between matches – it's a famous tradition! So, next time you pick up a tennis racket, remember these fun facts, and let them add to the enjoyment of this fantastic sport.

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